The start-up idea

 Good design should be appreciated and made affordable to everyone. Many a time, we are presented with two extremes. Well-known suppliers in the industry have some good designs but with expensive price. On the other hand, those vendors who have better price usually with a huge compromise made on design and quality.

   This is where CABO comes in.

We supply sofa with good design, competitive price, and without compromise on quality.

Name and logo

CABO is short for ¡°Carton Box¡±.  To protect product better, we pack each piece with reliable carton box. CABO focus on home furniture, so we design shape of the logo like a house. Orange color implies young, fresh and energetic. CABO is devoted to provide furniture for today¡¯s young generation.

The next top seller

We believe the 80/20 rule. Top seller will contribute more. CABO don¡¯t only design for difference, but also for selling.

Mission and vision

Our mission: make good design sofa affordable to everyone.

Our vision: to be the leading fabric sofa supplier from ASIA.